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Counselling Services

The market meltdown in the early 1990s toppled real estate from its pedestal. No longer an icon of corporate stability and wealth; its role has been subsumed to the operational imperatives of the enterprise. Real estate has been relegated to the ranks ... it is now just another asset which has to earn its keep every hour of every day. However change in the real estate industry is occurring more rapidly than ever before. Today's businesses must deal with a global economy marked by constant advances in technology and increasingly complex real estate problems ... and they must do it with less staff; the past decade has been characterised by a flattening of the organisational structure. In facing these issues head-on, organisations of all types and sizes are recognising the need for solid real estate advice from experts who can anticipate and interpret industry trends, and who can work intelligently with senior management in their common quest to positively affect the company's bottom line ...

We offer a range of counselling and advisory services, all designed to maximise the value of your real estate assets.


We believe that our clients should know what our services will cost before we commence the assignment ... there should be no surprises! We therefore enter into a written contract which clearly specifies the scope and the cost of the work.

Counselling Services

We offer the following counselling services:

  • Feasibility Studies - we offer a practical research service for real estate practitioners, designed to help solve problems and identify opportunities. The feasibility of various types of development are analysed to determine the optimum development for a particular property.

  • Infrastructure Acquisition - this service is designed to assist acquiring authorities with the acquisition of real property rights for infrastructure purposes. We can substantially reduce the compensable losses and reduce public antipathy if we are engaged at the planning stage of the project. Property acquisition is often a public relations and political nightmare for the acquiring authority. It can be eliminated by retaining us to conduct the public hearings, meet with the property owners concerned, and negotiate the compensation.

  • Expropriation - this service is designed for property owners whose property has been acquired by a government department, or a private company such as a power corporation, pipeline company, et al. The various heads of claim are identified, quantified and if possible, negotiated.

  • Fire Insurance - we provide a valuation service for fire insurance purposes to enable owners better manage the risk inherent in property ownership.

  • Mediation & Arbitration - this service is designed to avoid costly litigation by providing an alternative dispute resolution mechanism.

  • Other Services - these include lease audits, review appraisals, due diligence, break-even analysis, forensic appraisals, long-range strategic planning, asset and investment decision making, acquisition/disposition advice, land assembly programs, et al.

Click here to order, or to obtain a price quote, on any of the above Counselling products.

Click here for our Counselling products video or review actual Counselling case studies.