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Date Entered: 01/17/2023
Subject: Manager, Business Development and Marketing, Halifax, N.S.
Attachment: 68.pdf (Original file name: Business Development and Marketing Posting.pdf)

For over four decades we have provided real estate consulting services to the business community in Canada.  We started with a simple vision:  (1) be the benchmark by which others are measured, (2) offer clients a unique product whose whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  To do so, we have assembled a multi-disciplinary team, with diverse but complimentary skills, created a common training program (built around the University of British Columbia’s real estate degree and 27 in-house training modules), nurtured a collegiate culture of working together, developed an industry leading IT system, and implemented an ISO 9001:2015 registered quality control system company-wide.  We invest in people; they truly are our greatest asset.  From our headquarters in Halifax we now undertake consulting assignments from British Columbia to Newfoundland and all provinces and territories in-between.  But in truth, we are still a work in progress… there are still mountains to climb and plains to conquer.  We are now seeking a Manager, Business Development and Marketing to join us on that journey.

The work environment is friendly, supportive and (usually) good fun.  Our computer resources are state of the art.  Check out our web sites www.turnerdrake.com (in the process of being updated), www.turnerdrake.net, www.turnerdrake.ca and www.turnerdrake.org for a more detailed look at us.

Click on the above attachment to learn more about this exciting career opportunity.