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Date Entered: 11/29/2022
Subject: Trainee Real Estate Counsellor
Attachment: 66.pdf (Original file name: 2216753-2 Trainee Real Estate Counsellor 28 nov 22.pdf)

Yesterday you helicoptered into a remote island:  today you will struggle to maintain your footing on a meat packing plant’s killing floor; tomorrow you will dodge containers at the port.  If you are a recent Commerce graduate and want a professional career with variety this is it!  Your Commerce degree (marketing, finance, or accounting major) can unlock the door to a career that most have never heard of but once discovered find exciting, challenging, satisfying, fulfilling, remunerative, where you will be limited only by your own ambition.  This is not a sales position.  It does require a broad skill set (critical thinking, strong literary skills, somebody who is comfortable with people of all social classes, financial analysis, negotiation, court work, etc.) and further study for the University of British Columbia’s real estate degree by distance learning.  From our offices in Halifax your work will take you throughout Atlantic Canada and offer a good balance between office and field work.  The work environment is friendly, supportive and (usually) good fun.  Our computer resources are state of the art.  Check our web sites www.turnerdrake.com, (currently being updated) www.turnerdrake.net, www.turnerdrake.ca, www.turnerdrake.org for a more detailed look at us. To learn more about this career opportunity, click on the attachment and view this PDF document using our Acrobat Reader Plug-in (available as a free download from the Adobe Web Site, www.adobe.com).