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Date Entered: 05/23/2024
Subject: Home Prices Atlantic Canada 2024-2030
Attachment: 123.pdf (Original file name: Home Prices Atlantic Canada 2024-2030 Press Release.pdf)

Atlantic Canada's housing market has been a focal point since 2021, with substantial increases in house prices prompting questions about future trends. Following unprecedented annual increases of 18.2% in 2021, 13.5% in 2022, and 11.8% in 2023, the market's future trajectory remains a hot topic. But as the effect of increased interest rates ripple through the sector, and the policy landscape around population growth continues to shift, uncertainty about the near-term future is high. Turner Drake & Partners Ltd., a premier real estate consulting firm, has conducted an in-depth analysis to project house prices in the region for the period of 2024-2030.